Aromatic Earl Grey

A premium tea with rich taste and color. Well balanced with bergamot to give a distinct Earl Grey flavor. Aromatic Earl Grey has a slightly lower dosage of bergamot when compared to Earl Grey.

Loose leaf 454g box & 500g tin.

Blended black teas, bergamot flavoring
The quality of water used as an impact on the quality of the tea. Always use freshly drawn water or filtered water. Heat water to the recommended temperature using an electric hot water heater or a stove top kettle.

Heat fresh water to rolling boil or to a temperature of 212F.

Loose Leaf
Use the infuser of your choice. Measure 1 teaspoon of tea per person. For a stronger brew preference, add an additional teaspoon for the pot.

Infusion Time
Once the water reaches the appropriate temperature, it should be poured immediately over the tea leaves. Keep the teapot covered to retain heat. Time steeping carefully and infuse for 5-7 minutes. When the tea is done steeping, immediately remove the tea and lightly stir.
Contains caffeine.
  • Aromatic Earl Grey 500g Tin $16.00
  • Aromatic Earl Grey 454g Box $15.00
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  • 5.0
    Aromatic Earl Grey
    By Patricia C. on November 12, 2019

    Simply wonderful. Refreshing and the aroma is unbelievably relaxing.

  • 5.0
    By suzette on February 3, 2018

    I bought Ahmad Aromatic Earl Grey at the same time as Harney and Sons Earl Grey Supreme. Of the two I like this one best. Higher price does not equal better flavor. Ahmad Aromatic Earl Grey is malty and rich. There is a slight bitterness to this blend that I like. This is not "mamby pamby" tea. This is a tea for would be heros and warriors.

Aromatic Earl Grey