Chai Spice

Strong and satisfying black tea with the zing of ginger root as well as the subtle spicy tones of cinnamon, aromatic clove and cardamom. All these ingredients blend perfectly to deliver a warm and comforting sensation.

Each teabag is wrapped in a foil envelope to seal in freshness.

Black teas, ginger, cinnamon, clove, flavoring
The quality of water used as an impact on the quality of the tea. Always use freshly drawn water or filtered water. Heat water to the recommended temperature using an electric hot water heater or a stove top kettle.

Heat fresh water to a rolling boil or to a temperature of 212F.

Infusion Time
Once the water reaches the appropriate temperature, it should be poured immediately over the tea bag.Keep the teapot covered to retain heat. Time steeping carefully and infuse for 5-7 minutes. When the tea is done steeping, immediately remove the tea and lightly stir.
Black teas are produced from the Camellia Sinensis plant and naturally contain caffeine. The caffeine content will vary from bush to bush but the average is estimated to be 35-70mg per cup. According to the UK Tea & Infusions Association, tea contains about half as much caffeine as instant coffee and a third of filter coffee.
Sri Lanka, Malawi, Kenya
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  • 5.0
    Exquisite Chai
    By Laurie S. on December 16, 2019

    This full-bodied blend is beautifully balanced and complex, with a nice bit of bite when infused to the max. So satisfying as a breakfast tea. Ahmad Tea has truly excelled with this exquisite Chai!

  • 5.0
    I have tried them all, love them all
    By Mary on November 18, 2019

    I have tried them all, love them all; this was my first experience with chai and I loved it. I especially liked the lemon & lime tea in the sampler, the raspberry & mixed berry, all were wonderful when the weather turned chilly. Am looking forward to finding new teas to try & will be re-ordering when I get most drank

  • 4.0
    Best chai tea in a bag
    By Naoko K. on August 22, 2019

    Best chai tea in tea bag form—high quality tea, I just prefer a bit more pronounced flavor of spices, so I add my own cardamom and ginger.

  • 5.0
    the best
    By ljubica on August 20, 2019

    I love this. most chai is too strong. this is nice and smooth. with a little half and half, so nice.

Chai Spice