For the quintessential cup of English tea, look no further than our Primetime. A special blend of Assam, Kenyan and Ceylon black teas, each sip delivers a strong, bold and rich taste. Add milk to this, if preferred.
A blend of black teas
The quality of water used as an impact on the quality of the tea. Always use freshly drawn water or filtered water. Heat water to the recommended temperature using an electric hot water heater or a stove top kettle.

Heat fresh water to a rolling boil or to a temperature of 212F.

Infusion Time
Once the water reaches the appropriate temperature, it should be poured immediately over the tea bag. Keep the teapot covered to retain heat. Time steeping carefully and infuse for 5 minutes. When the tea is done steeping, immediately remove the tea and lightly stir.
This black tea has more caffeine than other teas in our black tea range due to the higher amount of tea per tea bag. It's important to keep in mind that brew time accounts for the primary influence over a tea's caffeine content.
Sri Lanka, Kenya, Assam
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  • 5.0
    Great Tea
    By Pam on July 16, 2017

    Great tea! Very smooth. One of my favorites.

  • 5.0
    Prime time
    By Elaine Brassell on June 17, 2015

    Had this tea once - absolutely loved it.