Enchanted Baubles Caddy

The elegant look and exquisite style of these holiday baubles will add a touch of sophistication to your Christmas decorations. This gift offers the perfect opportunity to brighten up a home and share Ahmad Tea with friends, family and loved ones.

Each set includes three baubles decorated with a beautiful design featuring tea pots, cups & saucers, mistletoe and snow flakes. Upon opening each bauble, you will find eight pyramid teabags containing whole leaf Cardamom & Orange, Royal Earl Grey and Royal English Breakfast tea (24 pyramid teabags total).

Note: The Cardamom & Orange blend is the same as the Moroccan Orange Slice found in the Fruit Tea and Pyramids sections of the website.

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  • 5.0
    Enchanted Baubles
    By Christina on February 9, 2020

    I bought this set in a store for Christmas this past year. I thought the tea flavors sounded good and the pretty baubles could be put on the Christmas tree in the future. My whole family really enjoyed the teas. My husband said the Orange Cardamom was his new favorite. The only downside is I would like to buy a box of the Orange Cardamom tea for him and have searched the site for it to no avail. It seems it is only available in this caddy set which is very disappointing.

    FROM AHMAD TEA: We're so happy to hear you loved the teas! The Cardamom & Orange you enjoyed in the Enchanted Christmas Baubles is the same as the Moroccan Orange Slice pyramids. This blend is available for purchase on our website on the "Fruit Tea" and "Pyramids" pages. Thank you for being an Ahmad Tea fan!

Enchanted Baubles Caddy