Infusion Iced Tea Carafe

This Viva Scandinavia Infusion Iced Tea Carafe is perfect for brewing delicious and refreshing iced teas and fruit infusions. The carafe has an ergonomic handle with a stainless steel infuser and a no-mess silicone drip-free lid for easy pouring. The Ahmad Tea logo is featured on the side of each carafe.

To make deliciously refreshing iced tea with your Viva Scandinavia Infusion Iced Tea Carafe, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Add your favorite tea inside the stainless steel infuser (tip: give your iced tea extra flavor by using double the amount of tea you'd use for hot tea)
  2. Fill the pitcher with room temperature or cold water
  3. Slice up fresh fruits and drop into the water 
  4. Place pitcher in refridgerator for 2-6 hours
  5. Enjoy a cold and refreshing glass of iced tea!

Viva Scandinavia is a specialty tea accessory brand that blends simplicity with beautiful form to deliver excellent functionality. Viva Scandinavia offers Scandinavian design that is honest, simple and usable.

46 fl oz / 1.4 L, dishwasher safe

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Infusion Iced Tea Carafe